Minister at Mass



Lectors proclaim the word of the Lord to the congregation, drawing the assembly more deeply into the mystery being celebrated. Through advanced preparation of the readings, they approach the ambo with and proclaim the readings reverently with a clear, strong voice.

Altar Server

Altar servers have the important role of helping the priests and deacons in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Service at the altar can be performed by anyone at any age.  Please prayerfully consider serving the parish at one of our Masses.


Sacristans prepare the church for the celebration of the liturgy. They place the sacred objects and books in their proper places to allow the Mass flow smoothly. In addition, they work closely with the Director of Liturgy, priests, lectors, and altar servers to create an atmosphere conducive to prayer and holiness for all those gathered for Mass.

Usher (Greeter)

Ushers (greeters) are the face of the parish, and they have the duty of creating a welcoming environment in which new people feel at home within our parishes.  In addition, ushers help collect the monetary offering during Mass and find people to bring up the gifts of bread and wine.

Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest in the distribution of the most Holy Eucharist to the congregation at each mass. In addition, the Eucharistic Ministers are asked to help distribute Holy Communion to our home-bound parishioners.


Choirs are an integral aspect of every parish.  St. Augustine says that "those who sing, pray twice."  Like the choir of angels, our choirs elevate our worship and prayer of Jesus to the heavenly Father at Mass through sacred music.


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