Why Jesus?


We are all on a journey in life. We are all seeking something. The experiences we've had shape who we are but do not define who we are. With all the different paths to choose, does it really matter which one I pick? Is there a right way to live? In the end, what are you seeking? Jesus poses this very question to the two men following him in the first chapter of John’s Gospel: What are YOU looking for?  

Whether it’s fame, wealth, success, and/or love, in the end, we all seeking happiness. We are a community of growing disciples who believe true happiness can only be found in Jesus Christ. As a community we are committed to Meeting Christ, Knowing Christ, Loving Christ, and Serving Christ.  

The answer to our life's great question is Jesus Christ!


Jesus calls everyone. Throughout his life on Earth, Jesus called sinners and the imperfect to follow him like the Apostle Matthew who was a Tax collector for the Roman occupiers. No matter what may have happened in your past, Jesus loves you and he is calling you to follow him.  


Whether you are a long-time Catholic or this will be the first time in a long time that you set foot in a church, we hope you will find a home here. The West Allis Catholic family of parishes offers a casual environment where we hope that you and your family will feel welcomed and at home.