Why Join Us?

We are a family of disciples focused on loving both God and neighbor. Our three parishes on the East side of West Allis are committed to living out our faith joyfully through service and community events. We hope that you come and experience our relaxed and family friendly environment.


I love the generosity of our community. Whether it's in the food pantry or in an after mass social, this community of believers desires to share the faith and love of Jesus with others. We have a great comradery in our service to others, and I get excited to come to the church everyday. I just love our Church.

Since the very first mass we attended at Holy Assumption several years ago, the kindness and welcoming nature of Holy Assumption parishioners has stood out -- we were welcomed by several people our very first time there! Since the collaboration, we have experienced this kind and welcoming spirit at St. Rita and St. Augustine, as well, and we enjoy being part of this community.

We are looking for additional testimonials! If you would like to submit a testimonial about your individual parish or West Allis Catholic, please send an email to JoAnna at holyassumption@westalliscatholic.org with the subject line "Testimony for Website" and your testimony, initials, and parish included. If you are interested in submitting a testimonial but would like more information, please reach out to JoAnna, as well.