January 2023

The year 2023 began with a new record. We had a total of 492 clients visits, 183 men, 156 women, and 153 children. The hot soup and sandwiches were appreciated, especially by the older men who live alone who like to sit and talk to each other. This is a practice we will continue in February. It requires extra time and extra work on the part of the volunteers, but it satisfies a need our clients bring to the Food Pantry.  They come with their needs in spite of the cold weather and find a warm welcome, accompanied by something hot to eat or drink.

Our thanks to everyone in the three parishes who donate food items and volunteer their afternoons to help distribute what we have to offer. We can always use breakfast cereal, fresh and canned fruit, jams for the peanut butter, and canned soups. We are low on plastic grocery bags, so if you have a stash of clean, reusable bags, we can use them. Bring them to any mass at Holy Assumption, St. Augustine, or St. Rita. Thank you for all you do!

Sharon Huizenga, Food Pantry Director